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There’s nothing quite like New York City, one of America’s most iconic and impressive cities, it’s our objective to provide our clients with an amazing and unforgettable perspective of the city, and to provide a quick and safe form of transportation into and out of the area when you want to avoid the frustrating traffic we’re all too used to.

We rank among the most experienced and well-recognized helicopter sightseeing and charter service providers in the greater Garden State and surrounding areas.

A Bird’s Eye View | City Tours

From NYC to Manhattan, New York is home to the type of cities that truly make America great. Full of rich culture, delectable cuisine and impressive architecture.

And while most follow the beaten path filled with parks, shopping and the hustle and bustle of city life, few get the opportunity to view the city from an aerial perspective.

From the safety and comfort of our choppers you will experience NYC like never before, and will have an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

From booking to liftoff, you’ll be inspired by the beauty and aerial majesty of the skies above and lights below.

To describe the experience in words would do nothing more of falling short of the breathtaking wonders of the friendly New York skies. This is simply an adventure that you MUST experience to fully appreciate and understand. We promise, you’ll thank us that you made the leap of faith.